Healing Hearts Through the Power of Music

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We Began With a Very Simple Mission

Provide guitars to Veterans and actively serving military members and their families so that they may integrate music into their recovery. However, we have grown to provide a lot more than just guitars.

Heartstrings Foundation was created in 2017 by two brothers, Rowan and Aaron Pickering. They grew up in a family with a long tradition of military service, community involvement, and late-night family jam sessions. Rowan has worked in the entertainment industry for over 25 years and Aaron spent 17 years as both USAF Enlisted Aviator and a civilian contractor. These combined experiences and their shared passion for music inspired them to launch Heartstrings and begin changing lives.


Six Strings on a Guitar

Five strings represent each branch of the military (Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines and Navy). The Sixth String is the “Heartstring”, representing the loved ones of those service members and the millions of Americans whom have been effected by  issues related to not just PTSD and suicide, but issues such as addiction and mental health issues.

USAFUS ArmyUSCGUSMCUS NavyThe Heart String

Through the power of music

We Are Bringing Health, Healing and Families Back Together

Due to the overall growth of Heartstrings Foundation, because of your selfless donations, we are now able to help even more people. We have donated thousands of guitars to music therapy programs, children’s hospitals, first responders, transitional housing for battered women, drug treatment programs, and other non-profit organizations across the country.


With your contribution we will be able to reach even more people, assist more therapy programs, help more children and change more lives.

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Heartstrings now produces music, events, and engages in opportunities to educate the public and bring awareness to those in need of help.

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