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About HeartStrings

We began with a very simple mission:

Provide guitars to Veterans and actively serving military members and their families so that they may integrate music into their recovery.

Military Member Accepting Guitar

Healing Hearts Through the Power of Music

Discover the HeartStrings Initiatives that are Changing Lives

6 String Heroes

6 String Heroes is the core membership program of Heartstrings Foundation.


The goal of the 50/50/50 program is to give 50 Guitars to 50 Heroes in ALL 50 States

Songs on Second

The common thread that ties us all together is the songs. Songs On Second does just that.

Heroes Circle

HeartStrings Hero Circle is an exclusive area for active duty and military veterans.



US Army






US Navy


Heart String

The Six Strings on a Guitar

Five strings represent each branch of the military (Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines and Navy). The Sixth String is the “Heartstring”, representing the loved ones of those service members and the millions of Americans whom have been effected by issues related to not just PTSD and suicide, but issues such as addiction and mental health issues.