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A Mission to Bring Awareness

Given the horrendous addiction epidemic paralyzing our nation, The Heartstrings Foundation has embarked on a mission to bring awareness, help and hope to the people and families affected by this growing problem.

The HeartStrings Foundation is proud to announce the “Shine the Light Project”.


Celebrity Driven Inspirational Songs

The Shine the Light Project will be a compilation of celebrity driven inspirational and message motivated songs bringing attention and awareness to addiction related issues, in an effort to raise money for specific addiction related causes.


“Let There Be Light”

Similar to the “We are the World” project, the LTBLP will release its first song appropriately entitled “Let There Be Light”.

Founded and produced by the Grammy Award son of Dionne Warwick, Damon Elliott and his co producers Michael Lohan, Malini Saba and Rowan Pickering, the LTBLP promises to truly make a difference in the battle against addiction.


While most charitable organizations, foundations and initiatives tend to focus on one specific area of a cause, we at The Heartstrings Foundation believe that best way to solve any given problem is to attack it in multiple ways. As such, Heartstrings Foundation has aligned ourselves with a number of worthy causes involving PTSD, mental health, substance abuse and suicidal issues.


While “We are the World” was truly successful in raising money and awareness for humanitarian efforts in Africa, the Shine the Light Project hopes to do the same for an epidemic taking even more lives and effecting even more families right here in our own backyard!

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