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Come Together Nashville

Heartstrings Foundation heals hearts through the power of music and there is no better city to do that than Nashville. Heartstrings Foundation has always had unwavering support from Music City Nashville and now it’s our turn to support them. The Christmas Day Explosion has shaken us all but will not knock us down. In times like these we must “Stand Strong” and “Come Together”. We would like to pledge our assistance and support to help raise Nashville out of the ashes. 100% of all donations made to Heartstrings through our “Come Together Nashville” page will go to help those affected by the Nashville Explosion.

Stand Strong

Nashville has has faced many challenges in 2020. The first was the devasting Tornando in March that leveled parts of Nashville, next was Covid-19 which destroyed the music and entertainment industry around the world. Today’s explosion was a hard hit but Nashville will Stand Strong and with your help can come back even stronger.

Live Music Lives

Live Music Lives in Nashville! No matter what venue you step into or walk by there is always live music playing. Nashville is the center of live music. When you hear a song it can take you to a special moment in time or a memory. 41 business have been directly affected by todays bombing, most of them play a role in the music industry. 100% of all money raised for “Come Together Nashville” will help rebuild these businesses.

You Can Make A Difference!!!

No matter where you live or what you are doing take a moment and help Nashville Stand Strong. Push the green Donate button and help us raise money to help those affected by the Nashville Explosion!!! Remember Heartstrings Foundation is a non-profit and is a 501c3 so all donations are tax deductible.